Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal is one of the most beautiful manga I have seen, period. Set in ancient Japan, it follows the story of a ronin who apparently cannot be killed… only dismembered. Every character in the manga has his/her own complex life-story, making it difficult to sympathize entirely with the “heroes.” Morality is difficult to ascertain in a world filled with contradictions… Blood depts however, have to be paid.

Why you should care:
Amazing artwork, action-packed, thorough character development, and chalked full of historical significance (it documents the end of the era of the Samurai). Truly one of the best Manga to ever come out of Japan.

Blade of the Immortal es de los mangas mas vistosas de Japon. Toma lugar en Japon antiguo, y cuenta la historia de un ronin que aparentemente no puede ser matado... solo desmembrado. Cada personaje tiene su propia historia compleja, cosa que problematiza la nocion de los "buenos" y los "malos."

Porque habria de interesarte? Una labor artistica de primera, muchisima accion, un desarollo profundo de cada personaje, y valor historico. Realmente es de lo mejorcito que ha producido el Manga de Japon.

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